Purchase your very own The Wetherill School 2020 Yearbook

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The The Wetherill School 2020 Yearbook is available for sale. This year's yearbook is a Signature Series Hardcover bound and available for direct delivery to your home after 5/22/2020. A shipping fee will be charged. It will include candid photos and individual photos of all children and teachers, including afternoon kindergarteners, as well as group photos of all classes. We even have a Zoom learning page and a farewell to Miss Carol. Order early! Limited supply. First come, first served!

Late book sales.

Late book orders will be shipped 2-3 weeks after purchase. Books will not ship to the school, books will be individually shipped to your home address. Late book sales are printed after the original production run, there might be some differences  in the way the book is produced. All content will remain the same but because of the nature of printing books one off the cover and binding may be different.

Price: $43.75

Cover Preview
(Product image is representative of the yearbook for this school but may not represent the final yearbook design)