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PLEASE READ....The 2023 Redbank Valley High School Yearbook is now on sale. Purchase yours by 5/31/2023 to get regular pricing. Yearbooks will be shipped to your home address in the summer. For a limited time...use this coupon code FREESHIP for free shipping (savings of $8.95) ***NOTE: the $8.95 discount is removed from the price of the yearbook - you will still see shipping at the end of your purchase. A FREE e-yearbook access for anyone who orders a book online. This allows access to the e-yearbook version of your book on the LinkYearbooks website. The eYearbook will be available on the app with the access code provided to customers in their Order Confirmation Email. Orders after the due date will increase in price and the free shipping will not be available.

If the grade or teacher of your student does not appear in the drop down field, you can manually type it in and click Add to put it into the text field.

Purchase By End of Day: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Price: $35.00 Per Book

Add Personalized Pages!

This yearbook has the ability to add your own pages with your photos just for your book. Add photos of friends and family to your own book and only your book.

Book Sales Have Ended

Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase a yearbook was 5/31/2023. This book is no longer for sale. Please contact your Yearbook Advisor for further information.

All Books Sold Out

We're sorry but all books have been sold out. Please contact your Yearbook Advisor or school for further information.

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